Power Armor

The Power Armor

The Battle Armor is a combat exoskeleton that enhances the wearers defense. It appears to come in 4 parts; 2 large shoulder pads that attach under the shoulders, A chest plate that carries the T-ENG tank and features a digital readout under the wearer's chin, and an armored waist and legs that support the weight of the whole unit. The feet feature a unique design of rubber in a half circle shape, similar to a car tire. This design allows walking and running movement and grip on solid surfaces without compromising the leg's load bearing ability with a more complex design. The armor also appears to be light enough to allow normal anchor operations, despite the added weight. Battle Armor comes in a variety of colorations, depending on where it is found. Examples are the Orange and Grey NEVEC armor and a desert camouflage pattern.

While wearing the Armor, all damage is dealt to the armor, protecting the wearer's Life Bar, as well as protecting them from interruptions from some attacks. Once reduced to 0HP, the armor is destroyed, knocking the wearer down but otherwise leaving them unharmed. A visual warning appears when the T-ENG tank on the unit's back begins to overheat and glow orange. The Battle Armor is a very useful item, and should be acquired whenever possible, but it does come with a very particular list of drawbacks. However, these drawbacks are usually negligible when compared to the benefits it grants to the user.


  • Battle Armor can be removed by holding both Crouch and Change Weapon inputs, then tapping the Fire Weapon input.
  • It slows down the wearer's walk and run speed, but only slightly.
  • It cannot be combined with other Battle Armor suits.
  • The wearer cannot keep the armor equipped while piloting a VS.
  • Very powerful attacks, like those from bosses can deal so much damage that they shatter a suit of armor and still damage the wearer's Life Bar.
  • Defolma are capable of eating a player right out of their armor.
  • The Armor is huge when worn, making its wearer easy to spot and easy to hit; however, the ability to take more hits while wearing it can be a fair tradeoff.

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