Bolsepia are a subspecies of Sepia found in volcanic areas. Their enlarged heads hold Thermal Energy and can explode violently, affecting anything in the range of their explosion. Their explosion can be triggered either by being shot with gunfire or by coming too close to the Bolsepia, upon which it will swell and burst. They are normally found in warmer areas, like the Thermal Energy Deposit in Mission 09. The Category G Akrid known as Tencale and Gordiant have the ability to release them from their abdomens.

In Lost Planet 2, Bolsepia have become far more common as a result of the warming climate. They are now able to perform the same biting attack used by its cousins as well as a more powerful version of its explosion. They also make up the bomblike projectiles fired from the Baiztencale's back and the exploding pods used by the Red-Eye.

In Lost Planet 3 Bolsepia have more health than the regular sepia and they spit fiery lobbed shots which neutralize cover.  They still explode the same.

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