The Cannon is a hard-mounted VS weapon that accurately fires high-velocity shells for anti-armor applications. The shells possess superior muzzle-velocity to missiles and rockets, but they inflict less damage on impact and have a smaller splash radius. Primarily intended for use against Vital Suits, the Cannon is moderately effective against infantry if the shells hit them directly.

Due to its range and power, the VS Cannon is highly suited to long-range anti-armour attacks against Vital Suits or large Akrid. Despite its slow reload time, the weapon is still effective at relatively close ranges, but it maintains a long-ranged focus. The VS Cannon is hard-mounted to Vital Suits and turrets, and cannot be removed or wielded by infantry on foot.

The VS Cannon has undertaken no aesthetic changes in the transition to Lost Planet 2, although gameplay has been affected by the addition of a zoom function similar to the VS Rifle. Once the cannon is fired, the player can instantly reload another shell, being one of the fastest reloading weapons in the game, while other requires a cooldown to do the reload sequence. If paired with another cannon, it can become a deadly device.

A unique form of cannon is found on both modes of the GAB-25M. This cannon has a 30 round clip and reloads automatically.

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