CU pirate

The standard Crimson Unity snow pirate

The Crimson Unity is a very large and influential organization of Snow Pirates, consisting of well over one hundred members. The Crimson Unity have a massive, heavily, guarded fortress that serves as their base of operations and are also in possession of a good deal of vital suits as well as a good number of able pilots. Their weaponry consist of machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, rifles and energy guns.

Crimson Unity is the group of Snow Pirates that was responsible for the deaths Yuri, Luka and Rick's comrades and have also stolen their trailer.

Though Wayne defeats a large number of Crimson Unity pirates during Mission 02, it is not said if they were completely exterminated in or if they are some survivors that have gone into hiding. Crimson Unity is never mentioned again after said mission and it's members are never again encountered except as a multiplayer skin. It is hinted in Lost Planet 2 that they might have survived, as one of the multiplayer factions, the "Snow Pirate Elites" have a character very similar in appearance to the Crimson Unity uniform.                                                                                            

Crimson unity

Crimson unity arriving on E.D.N III from Earth

However, the Crimson Unity was not founded on E.D.N. III, but in fact on Earth, acting as a terrorist organization which threatened to seize the power during the energy crisis. They left Earth to find better Energy for their use, Jim Peyton said that when they landed he tried to keep his friends ( the original Snow Pirates) a secret but Gale Holden took the fight to them. He also said that Harmonizer technology was another thing to fight over. Though they never got it unless if some of them survived the fight with Wayne and managed to get the mass produced versions.                                                                     




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