Dennis Isenberg

Dennis Isenberg (or Commander Isenberg) is NEVEC's top executive[1] on E.D.N. III, and brainfather of the Frontier Project. He often works as a political leader for his organization, and claims the Frontier Project will be for the greater good of humanity, viewing the countless deaths that will result from its activation as irrelevant. Despite his despicable method for colonizing EDN-III, some people consider him a patriot and pioneer (mainly NEVEC employees).

Though he often works as a leader figure, he is still a skilled VS pilot. In the final level of the game, Isenberg battles against Wayne's ultimate VS with a NEVEC superweapon VS. In the end, though, Isenberg is shot and killed by Wayne.


Isenberg's custom VS


  • He wears a black and white NEVEC trooper suit, playable in multiplayer.
  • His Father, Caleb Isenberg, was also a Commander for Nevec in lost planet 3.


  1. "I oversee NEVEC's operations on this planet." (End of Mission 08)

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