The Dummy Grenade when thrown produces an inflatable fake soldier along with a red dot on the radar, moving in a straight line that can overcome obstacles (and sometimes climb walls). If shot, or if it collides with an enemy player, it explodes, dealing a massive amount of damage and will most likely surprise the victim. It is obviously advised to be used in an attempt to hit the target, as the dummy is unlikely to fool a human player.

It is only available in multiplayer.


Dummy GrenadeEdit

No changes in LP2. Can be used in the Lost Planet 2 Campaign.

Dummy Grenade IIEdit

The Dummy Grenade II is stationarity and does not fire, it works as a distraction or a trap for online players to the effect that it will still appear on the radar as a non-moving target, this may attract the enemy in for an ambush. It also has a more powerful explosion than other variants.

Dummy Grenade IIIEdit

The Dummy Grenade III features a working Machine Gun. The Dummy Grenade III will float in place, firing its machine gun in a wide arc, dealing damage to anything in front of it, including the player. It can take slightly more damage than the other Dummy Grenades (can take a few bullets from a Machine Gun), however, its explosion causes no damage upon final detonation or being shot. The Machine Gun is completely functional, and can even get headshots as if a player was using one, even against the player who threw the grenade.


  • There are Dummies similar to the Dummy Grenade in the Advanced Training courses but they dont explode, instead they pop like the Dummy Grenade III.

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