The VS Electromagnetic Laser is a T-ENG based weapon that fires a powerful beam of positive ions. A single shot from the EM Laser can temporarily stun targets for several seconds. Like the VS Laser Rifle, additional T-ENG can be used to charge each shot for increased power and a stun effect on M-sized Akrid and VS. It possesses higher overall firepower compared to the VS Laser Rifle, but it consumes roughly double the amount of T-ENG to fire.

This can be a very useful wapon to use in multiplayer if used correctly, for example, one can use it like a plasma grenade, stunning the target and then quickly switching to another weapon to finish the job.

When fully charged, the entire firing cannon starts to enlarge and separates six small chargers to compensate high energy levels.

In LP2, this weapon is used by VSs in the 4th training level in the 5th scenario by one Bleed and a Nida. The Bleed with the EM laser cannot be seen when fighting the other Bleeds but will fire upon you when going up the ramp that leads to the platform with the GTB-22. The Nida with the EM laser is on the 3rd platform when ascending to the ladder that leads to the GAN-36. The Nida also has a VS Gatling Gun that will open fire upon the player while attempting to fire fully charged bolts with the Laser to stun the player's VS. If not taken care of, they can provide a large obstacle and will hinder your chances of completing the scenario. There is a second Nida with the same layout on an elevated platform in the PTX-140 stage but is hard to see as most players tend to stay in the labyrinth and not try to get on top of it.

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