The Energy Gun fires concentrated bolts of Thermal-Energy rather than conventional rounds, and may be charged for increased firepower. A fully-charged shot is capable of stunning a VS and ejecting the pilot, and possesses a slight tracking function. As an energy weapon, it draws its ammunition from the user's supply of T-ENG, and the weapon itself effectively has unlimited ammunition so long as the user can continue to provide power to it.


The default Energy Gun can rapidly fire uncharged bolts, or be charged to increase its firepower and add a homing function to the round. A fully-charged shot is capable of ejecting opponents from a VS.

Although a fully charged Energy blast can eject pilots from most VSs in the original Lost Planet Extreme Condition Campaign, it will NOT work during the Lost Planet II campaign when used against NPC VSs. Enemy NPCs are still able to eject you from your VS with a charged shot, however.


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