The Flamethrower stands out among all other Thermal Energy based weapons by being the only one made for melee-to-short range and is very powerful against Akrid. When used on a human enemy, it sets them on fire dealing damage over time. The Anchor trick used for the Machine Gun can also be used for the Flamethrower.

Lost Planet 2 In-game Description(s)Edit

Release a stream of flames when holding (RT / R1). This a potent weapon in close quarters.


  • It is one of the most effective weapons when attacking inside Gordiant, dealing with the Sepias, Bolsepias, as well as getting out of it unharmed.
  • When using the Flamethrower, firing on nearby walls or floors will cause them to catch on fire; this can be used to block off hallways entirely, keeping enemies from pursuing. However, these barriers only last for a few seconds, making them ineffective for cutting off larger corridors for a brief few moments. It can also cause the user to burn themselves by accident if used recklessly, setting you on fire.