The Frontier Project is NEVEC's primary aim in Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. The brainchild of Commander Isenberg, the Frontier Project calls for the total extermination of all Akrid on E.D.N. III, in addition to a global climate change that would defrost the planet and make it habitable to a larger amount of colonists. This global warming comes at a price however. All traces of human life would be eradicated along with the Akrid. NEVEC's employees were to take a space elevator to a safe zone where they would be placed into a brief hibernative state. This was deemed acceptable to Isenberg and the vast majority of NEVEC allies, including Bandero. Some associates of NEVEC became disenchanted with the organization such as Yuri Solotov and Joe, and began to work against the project by aiding Snow Pirates.

Ultimately, the project was halted by Wayne Holden and his allies, when Wayne killed the NEVEC military leader, Bandero and the head of the organization itself, Commander Isenberg, shortly after. Unknown to any of them however, Yuri Solotov found a way to improve upon the idea and initiate global warming without the mass genocide of the Frontier Project. Unfortunately, Solotov was killed before he could begin his plans, but his work was discovered by Luka and Rick, who proceeded with carrying out the global warming of E.D.N. III.