The GAN-3AM is a VS designed by NEVEC for low gravity areas, like space (as seen in episode 6). It is often used for infiltration missions due to its adaptability and high range of abilities. The most obvious of these is the power to transform into three different forms: the standard walker, the "Warbird" airborne VS, and an airborne/aquatic type called the "Slider." Its first appearance its made in Episode 4, Chapter 2, Area 1


In its walker form, it can use the blades within its arms to chain together melee attacks to form powerful combos. One is a swing attack and the other is a charging attack with spinning blades. The VS can perform two combos: a normal swing attack and another swing attack with the blades spinning. The second one is the charging attack and a strong swing with the other blades to hit the enemy.

The Warbird's greater agility gives it an edge over the GAN-36, especially since the pilot has access to both VS weapons and can transform back to VS mode to avoid the inability to eject in a flying VS. When equipped with a Homing Laser, it is particularly deadly, as it can fly off to a safe distance to attack unsuspecting enemies.

In Warbird and Walker form, it can use its standard mounted VS weapons. However, in Slider form, it stores these weapons, forgoing them for two homing torpedo launchers. The Slider form's torpedo/missile pods have an infinite supply, as well as respectable range. As a result, it is a wise decision to use them from a distance to soften up hostile Vital Suits or larger Akrid, such as the Dabulas.

All of its forms have stealth technology that conceal it from radar systems, letting it take foes by surprise.


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