The compact size of GTF-13M Evax was seen as a great advantage when using vital suits in quantity over quality. The GTF-13F Vensa takes the compact size of the Evax vital suit and makes it even smaller by removing the complex and costly folding snowbike mechanism. In terms of functionality it is same as the GTF-13M without the bike mode- slow, a poor jumper, weak armor and unwieldy to use. Its only use is being able to use a VS weapon while moving and jumping, an ability that ground trooper doesn't have.


  • It's only available on the Pirate Fortress map in multiplayer in LP1.
  • It seems to have passenger rails but are only used when getting on and off the VS.
  • It can be used offline, on mission 06 you need to take out the pilot of the first VS (GTF-13F) and use him, but the controls and name are marked as GTF-13M .
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