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Gale Holden is a young mechanic working for NEVEC, on the Coronis settlement on E.D.N. III. He meets and befriends Jim Peyton. At first, Jim has a difficult time trusting Gale due to his young age and scolds him for changing and upgrading his Utility Rig with his consent. Gale Responds by saying "Hey man, its your show" and agrees to upgrade/change his rig with his permission from then on.

After that moment, Gale is side lined and limited to upgrades and small conversations until the second half of the game after Jim returns to Coronis after being M.I.A for a while.

Jim, after meeting with the snow pirates main members: Mira and Souichi, Mira says that they will need a hacker to which Jim responds "that part. We're gonna need a little help." Upon returning to Coronis with jim attempting to think of multiple reasons to convince Gale to help and assist the snow pirates to fight against NEVEC. Gale immediately agrees without Jim explaining what their goal is.

Gale supports the rebellion against NEVEC and the snow pirates succeeds. Some time after the events of the death of Nushi, Both Mira and Gale develop the first ever Harmonizers.

Jim peyton also notes that when Crimson unity landed, jim attempted to hide the snow pirates from them but Gale took the fight to them.

after this moment, it is unknown what happened during the events of lost planet 3 to 1.

Lost PlanetEdit

Gale Holden is the father of the main protagonist, Wayne Holden. He is known to lead a rather small band of unknown snow pirates. Gale, saved Wayne from the Green Eye, and is presumed dead at this point after green eye landed on his VS. His VS though was found outside near the City Dome's entrance. later on in the story Wayne continues to get flashbacks and learns that Green Eye did not kill his father, Bandero did. Gale is last seen crawling to Wayne's VS.

Gale holden leaves behind his son Wayne and his story ends here.


  • Gale

    Gale and Jim talking about the Utility Rig

    In a cut scene, it shows Bandero and a few NEVEC troopers including Gale, who has fallen to the ground. This implies that Gale was killed by Bandero rather than the Green Eye, indicating that Gale managed to escape from the Dome. Apparently, his VS was not damaged as badly as Wayne believed it was when Green Eye attacked it. Gale ejected or fled from battle, coming across Bandero and his men.
  • Gale's name is possibly a reference to a character from one of Capcom's previous games, Dino Crisis.
  • The Waysiders of Lost Planet 2 could be leftovers of his snow pirate militia, as they all share various clothing pieces.
  • Jim Peyton, when first introduced to Gale's name, mistakenly thought he was a "she".