Godons are a much larger and more dangerous subspecies of Dongo. Like their smaller relatives, they mainly attack by curling into a ball and rolling over enemies. However, this Akrid also has a pair of mandibles that can rapidly extend and snatch prey from a distance.

The Godon is the boss of Mission 01, encountered in a cave inside an akrid hive. It rolls to attack and can also swing its claws in powerful swipes if its target gets too close. It also has the ability to roll fast enough to go up the wall of its cave and across the ceiling, but it only begins to do this after it has lost half of its life. Like the Dongo, it's heavily armored on all sides but has a weak point on the tail.

The cave it lives in has 2 GTF-11s, but there is only 1 on Hard mode, and none on Extreme mode.

On harder difficulties, the Godon appears with a few Dongos to back it up (2 on Hard, 4 on Extreme).

It is highly recommended that the player carry plenty of hand grenades to prevent it from rolling in Extreme mode.

Godon later appear as more common enemies in later stages of the game.

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