Gore Chryatis

A Gorechryatis

The Gorechryatis is a much larger and more dangerous subspecies of Chryatis. Unlike its smaller cousin, the Gorechryatis' Thermal Energy deposits are covered with tough armored scales that can - with the help of guns, bullets and grenades - be shattered, revealing the deposit underneath.

In genealogical references it behaves like a normal Chryatis: i.e. using its long forelegs to swipe at enemies and so on. If attacked, a Gorechryatis will enter a furious 'rage mode', rearing up on its hind limbs, flailing its front legs wildly, and then charging and swiping at everything in its path, including you. This attack can inflict serious damage on the player, enough so that even a slight hit from its feet is enough to kill you. This Akrid also appears during episode 6 of Lost Planet 2 when you enter the 2nd large clearing of the spawning grounds. The Lost Planet 2 version seems to be much larger, fiercer, and faster than the original, and also has the ability to spit a projectile explosive, much like the Raibee.

Combatting the GorechryatisEdit

Fighting the Gorechryatis is similar to fighting its smaller cousin except for the armor covering its weak spots and the projectiles, however combat does require a different tactical approach; First you should begin by taking down the limbs. Once the limbs are down it will fall to the ground. Before burning your ammo into the core, fire bursts at it destroying the armor and then be careful of its projectiles and repeat this process if it grows its legs back.

This is where combat similarities between the Gore and its cousin end; for starters, the player needs to keep a much greater distance away if using rocket launchers and other heavy artillery weapons. If close combat is necessary, the player can roll and dodge the Gore's attacks with relative ease. However, if hit the player sustains major damage from close encounter and can easily be killed. The best way to remedy with downfall is to attack it with the often fatal attacks of the GunSword SP. Once down on the floor, punish its front limbs at close quarters and unleash the power of your weapons.


  • It seems as if any Heavy Weapons can still sever a limb in 1 shot (on easy difficulty) just like the regular Chryatis, but on Normal, it still takes 2 (one to destroy the armor) and any EM Lasers used against a Gorechryatis can stun it for 6 seconds, leaving an opening for attack.
  • For some reason, a Gorechryatis (Or multiple Gorechryatis) can immediately change its target from one player to another after doing a 'spin swing'. This actually makes it more vulnerable to attack from more players at one time, due to running towards the next player, and any heavy weapons can make it fall while moving, giving a few seconds worth of time to run away from the Gorechryatis.

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