Green Eye
The Green Eye is a gigantic and monumentally powerful Akrid that resides under the City Dome. Wayne believes that Green Eye is responsible for killing his father during the first half of the game, compelling his desire to kill it.



It can unleash a sudden wave of freezing wind which doesn't hurt much but decreases Thermal Energy considerably.

Its other main attack is when it shoots Pointed Icicles out its back from the "chimneys". The best way to avoid these is by using the PTX-40A's Dash ability and skidding away from the incoming projectiles or taking cover on the other side of the central pillar.

It also slams the ground, resulting in shock that paralyzes the VS if it is standing on the ground.

It can sometimes do a backward dash if the player is standing behind him. If the player is standing on the ledges, it will attempt to evict the player with a forward dash while stomping on the ledges.

When the players reaches the third layer of weak points, the Green Eye will move much more quickly than before.

Weak Points

The first set are 8 clusters located on the sides of the Akrid. (4 on each side)

The second set is located on the front above its head and consists in 4 clusters.

The third and final set is a single and large cluster replacing the four previous one.


  • Due to the NEVEC presence near the City Dome, it seems that they were keeping the Green Eye in captivity, it is never specified why.

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