The Gun Sword is a Machine Gun variation designed to be used in melee combat. It comes equipped with a retractible bayonet mounted next to the barrel that extends when the user performs a melee attack. The Gun Sword's melee range is longer than other weapons, and the user is able to string together two melee combos.


The Gun Sword has a slower rate of fire than the conventional Machine Gun, and it's less accurate than that (but more accurate than the Machine Gun II). However, its specialised blade allows the user to skillfully form melee attack combos. The user will also dash forwards to close the gap between them and their target, granting the Gun Sword superior melee range to other weapons.

Lost Planet 2 In-Game Description

A machine gun designed for Melee attacks. Press (B / O) to unsheathe and attack.




  • The Gun Sword's blade is effective against both organic and mechanical targets.
  • The Gun Sword is able to attack multiple enemies with each melee attack.
  • Each melee kill with a Gun Sword will produce a [?] box.
  • Making use of the dash motion when using the Gun Sword, it's possible to push through an enemy's shield and attack them.
  • The Gun Sword's slash has the ability to flinch ANY akrid or VS. When fighting large enemies, have a teammate dash in and slash the target continuously. While the damage output may only be regular, with each slash, the Akrid or VS will stagger, giving the rest of the team an opening to deal heavy damage.