LP 1

The Hand Grenade is the most basic grenade, its design resembles a M67 Hand Grenade. It emits a red flashing light before exploding. When thrown it has a set timer, when the timer finishes, the grenade explodes dealing high damage, it can also knock enemies over, it is not recommended for C.Q.C (Close Quarters Combat) as you can easily hurt yourself in the blast. However, it can rebound on walls, making it useful in attempts to kill enemies in junctions. In addition to this, if it is shot in midair or on the ground after being thrown, it will prematurely detonate, which can prove to be a useful strategy at times. The Grenade has a fuse time of about 2 seconds after leaving your hand.

LP 2

Hand Grenade

Same as LP1, except that color is now orange.

Color - Orange

Hand Grenade II

The Hand Grenade II performs the same actions as the standard hand grenade but offers a larger blast radius and takes longer to explode on its own. It's thrown underarmed, making it less likely to hit the ceiling in covered spaces and therefore easier to use, with a slightly shorter range.

Color - Green

Hand Grenade III

The Hand Grenade III does not explode when fired at, making it safer to use. It detonates only after its timer runs out offering the largest blast radius of the hand grenades (minus the Buster Grenade). It is much safer to use in crowds than the regular hand grenade, but takes away the tactic of detonating it prematurely. The Grenade has a fuse time of about 2.5 seconds after leaving your hand.

Color - Blue

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