Wayne with Harmonizer

Wayne with the Harmonizer, notice the T-energy tube going directly into the harmonizer

"The Harmonizer. It's a part of your life. This Harmonizer won't work without thermal energy. When your supply runs low, you will experience searing pain shooting through your body. Left that way, it will begin to affect your brain, and then...death." Gale to Wayne upon receiving the Harmonizer

The Harmonizer is a highly advanced piece of technology, mimicking the functions of the large Akrid Nushi by being able to purify Thermal Energy while also giving its host a healing factor, slowing the host's aging process as well. The device was invented by Gale and Mira using the work of the latter's father. Those who have Harmonizers seem to be also dependent on Thermal Energy like air, water or food. Later on in Lost Planet 2, it's seen that mass-produced forms of the Harmonizer have become available to the much of the population of E.D.N. III. 


The Harmonizer functions as a means to heal lost health using the player's Thermal Energy that they're holding. However, the function is only current during the campaign modes of Lost Planet, Lost Planet 2 and E.X. Troopers. Having no Thermal Energy will cause the health to decrease slowly until the player is able to find more, failure to do so will result in the player's death. In Lost Planet 2, the healing process can be sped up by holding down the Start Button, but doing so leaves the player completely defenseless and exposed. Healing this way also temporarily speeds the consumption of your Thermal Energy. 

Known Users


  • According to Basil, her husband also received a Harmonizer from Gale.
  • The 'First Generation" Harmonizers are seen on the host's right arm, while the 'Second Generation' mass produced variants on the host's left arm.