The VS Homing Laser is a powerful energy weapon able to fire up to four independent laser missiles at once. The weapon is capable of locking onto four separate targets during the charging sequence, and may lock onto the same target multiple times. Its ammunition is drawn from the user's supply of thermal energy, and reckless use can result in massive T-ENG consumption.

Holding the trigger begins the charging process, during which the weapon can lock on to up to four targets. Once all four barrels are charged, releasing the trigger will fire them simultaneously. One can also prematurely fire the Homing Laser during the charging process, releasing however many shots are ready at the time.

Despite its power and accuracy, the Homing Laser has a distinct dead-zone immediately in front of the user. The weapon can still lock on to targets within this dead-zone, but the shots will simply land behind them. As such, the Homing Laser is limited to long-range offensive tactics, and other weapons are required to defend the user at closer ranges.


  • Overheating was introduced in Lost Planet 2 to prevent players from abusing this weapon, but it can be bypassed by simply firing three shots instead of all four.
  • If no targets are locked on, the Homing Laser will fire in random directions.
  • It should be noted that the shots from the Homing Laser will rise up before tracking down the target, making it very hard to use under a low ceiling. This means that requires high height distances to release the lasers effectively.
  • In LP1, there is is a Granseed VS that is equipped with 2 Homing Lasers that is used by a NEVEC soldier. The VS can be deactivated using an energy gun but caution should be required as the VS will launch all 4 bolts from each launcher, which totals to 8 bolts that can hit the player if all hit. A player can make a Granseed with 2 Homing Launchers by getting a Granseed and collecting the 2 homing launchers scattered around the area in Mission 8.

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