The Incendiary Grenade is thrown like a standard hand grenade. Upon detonation it releases a fire explosion that covers a small area. Damage is low to medium, but the target is ignited and takes damage over time, even after the target has left the detonation zone or the grenade duration ends. The Incendiary grenade is meant to be thrown higher in the air and detonate on its own, or more effectively be shot to detonate at the targeted location. Upon doing this the flames cover a much larger area.

Color - Red

How To Acquire:

  • Slot Machine
  • "?" Box


  • When using this grenade try throwing multiple grenades in the same general area so the flames will form together, a large area can be covered very fast with well placed grenades. (Avoid throwing three in quick succession. The explosions will literally bounce from one grenade to the other and harm/kill you with the third.)