Ivan Solotov is Yuri Solotov's father, and in the past was a NEVEC employee. He is never shown in the game, and was thought to have betrayed Gale Holden by leading him into a NEVEC trap. However, it is eventually discovered that Ivan was manipulated by NEVEC, likely by Dennis Isenberg.

In Lost Planet 2, it is revealed that NEVEC made several clones of Ivan as part of an experimental supersoldier project, which make up the special force called Task Force First Descent. It is also mentioned in passing that Ivan later betrayed NEVEC, but this is not elaborated on. The clones bear an uncanny resemblance to Yuri- even their voices are exactly the same. According to a NEVEC commander, the clones have been constantly sent on suicide missions to thin their numbers in case they choose to betray NEVEC as well.

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