Joe was a NEVEC trooper who ends up assisting Wayne in stopping the Frontier Project. He joined NEVEC in the hopes of ridding E.D.N. III of the Akrid, but did not realize the cost of the Frontier Project in human lives.

Joe was contacted by Yuri Solotov to locate Wayne and deliver an upgrade for Wayne's Harmonizer. This led to Joe being suspicious of his superiors when Dennis Isenberg ordered him to find Wayne as well. Joe ended up leading Wayne into a trap, but was under the impression that it was only to distract Wayne. When he found out that NEVEC wanted Wayne dead, he saved Wayne from Bandero with an anti-VS rifle. He then helped Wayne reach NEVEC's main facility, and sabotaged the Frontier System. It is not known what happened to him afterwards, but it is likely he is still alive, it is also likely he could be the ex-NEVEC commander in lost planet 2(This is extremely likely, when the Ex-Nevec Leader broadcasts his message to all humans about NEVEC, he says "I use to work for NEVEC believing their mission was to help mankind, I then realised it was a lie", this could be Joe since he realised it was a lie when NEVEC wanted Wayne dead. Also in Lost Planet Extreme Condition, he is the only character with partially white NEVEC uniform with every other NEVEC trooper using completely black gear. Ex-NEVEC commander in Lost Planet 2 is also the only character with white NEVEC uniform. This may confirm that Joe is the Ex-NEVEC commander in Lost Planet 2.

Joe is voiced by Nolan North.

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