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Take on the role of Gale in this gripping prologue to the Xbox 360 adventure.

On an epic adventure through an arctic world you must battle against Akrid (colossal alien life forms) on foot and in Vital Suits (Vital Suits or VS are walking weapons which greatly increase Gale’s fire power), you must also tackle punishing sub zero temperatures which in itself forms one of the games most unforgiving enemies. To complete the game, you must clear one intense mission after another through various extreme environments including an abandoned city and an Akrid hive to ultimately wipe out the alien threat and save the planet from destruction.


There are only a few Akird in Lost Planet Trag Zero, and a few of them due to unknown reasons where named wrong but below is a list of the akird.

Monster Turtles
Sand King ( Category G)
Spider Queen ( Category G)


1: Both the Dongo and Tencale were named different in the games instructions for unknown reasons.
2: NEVEC is also named differently in the games instructions they where named as NEVAC.
3: This is the only game where the Sand King Akrid is mentioned or even seen.