The Machine Gun is a standard infantry assault weapon used by virtually all human forces on E.D.N. III.


The Machine Gun is a bullpup-style assault rifle firing 5.56mm rounds. Its strength lies in its consistently high rate of fire, offsetting its low damage per shot and granting the user a heightened degree of combat flexibility. It is useful for dealing with swarms of smaller enemies, and is easily capable of hitting T-ENG cores of larger Akrid. The Machine Gun is also useful against human enemies that tend to engage within the weapon's effective range. If the user hits a larger enemy such as an M-size Akrid or VS with their anchor, they can attach themselves to the target and fire at point-blank until the magazine is exhausted or they are knocked off. It also has an auto aim feature, where if your enemy has a red "x" over them, and the targeting reticule is close to it, the bullets will automatically hit the target, focusing more at the stomach of human enemies. While not using auto-aim, a practiced player can consistently score shots to weak points, offsetting the slightly weak damage with critical hits. With a deep ammo supply, large magazine, and quick reload time it is easy to stay well stocked during most of the game or multiplayer modes.

The Machine Gun has surprisingly high accuracy for a weapon of its type: this can be verified in the weapon selection screen, by turning the character on screen, making him/her face the far side of the virtual "space" he/she is in, and firing away. The Machine Gun will always hit the same spot, as long as other controls aren't used. In game, the machine gun does have recoil that must be compensated for, but with practice it can be one of the most versatile weapons available. Due to its accuracy and rate of fire, it boasts the highest stun out of all the machine guns, even being able to stun lock an opponent if aiming for the head/upper body.


Machine gun



  • The Machine Gun is visually similar to the French; FAMAS F1 (Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Étienne). The Lost Planet variant has visual cues to the F1 variant with a filled in handguard and a presumably extended magazine.
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