The VS Missile Launcher is a multiple-launch missile system hard-mounted to Vital Suits and turrets. In addition to its relative power, the Missile Launcher is able to fire up to four missiles before having to reload. Most Vital Suits can only withstand two or three direct hits from this weapon, making it effective for anti-armour applications.

The transition to Lost Planet 2 saw the missile launcher upgraded to have infinite ammunition, although at the cost of a slower missile-velocity and less damage per shot. This weapon is hard-mounted to Vital Suits and turrets, it cannot be removed and used on foot.

This weapon is seen throughout Lost Planet on certain VSs and usually one is found in the left or right weapon slot of the GTN-A01. In Mission 2, the GTB-22CC has a Missile Launcher which it uses in an attempt to damage the player. The Missile Launcher becomes less frequent in Lost Planet 2, only found on a few GTN-A01N and even less frequent on any other VSs.

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