A World of Ice

Wayne awakes, and sees that his harmonizer is been loaded with Thermal Energy, Yuri stand besides him and tells him to keep his harmonizer secret. Wayne meets Luka and Rick and agrees to help them in their quest to destroy the Akrid hives. The level starts out in front of Yuri's "base camp" in which the player is tasked with going with navigating toward an Akrid Hive. The player makes their way through a parking garage, a warehouse, and through a small canyon until reaching the mouth of a cave. With in the cave is the hive, which is inhabitied by Sepia and Trillids. You fight your way to a dome-like secretion, where you encounter a Godon as the final boss.

  • Mission Objective

"Make your way past the scattered ruins and into the Akrid hive. Once inside, navigate around any obstacles that present themselves then clear the hive out."

  • Destination

"Akrid Hive"