Crossing the PlainEdit

After claiming the trailer, the band of pirates begin to repair it, however, if will take time. They found a NEVEC PDA but Wayne collapses and remembers Gale explaining to him how the harmonizer works. A Thermal Energy signature is sighted in the snow plains, so Wayne goes to check it out.

  • Mission Objective

"Find the source of the thermal energy signature deep in the snow plains. Proceed with caution as there rumored to be massive Akrid inhabiting the area."

  • Destination

"On the Snow Plains"

Yuri tells Wayne the source of the Thermal Energy signature is near an abandoned plant, and that he should search here, but a massive Akrid, the Undeep, will make the crossing quite difficult. Once Wayne reaches the plant, he sees flaming wrecks of recently killed snow pirates, and also notices that NEVEC is responsible. Then Wayne is confronted by Basil, but he manages to win the fight. Basil flees after setting up a smoke screen however.