The PTX-140 is a highly advanced VS and outperforms most other Vital Suits. The Hardballer has a very high run speed and the ability to hover and dash for extended periods. However, using this VS comes with a higher T-Eng cost than normal. Even when not using the jets, thermal energy goes down at a very fast rate, requiring the pilot to expedite the mission.

The PTX also mounts a unique melee weapon; the VS Saw. When activated, the VS dashes forward and slashes it's target. This attack uses Thermal Energy but is very powerful and can sometimes take out a Chryatis in one hit if aimed properly. However, there is severe risk in using this attack as the VS is left exposed for a moment after attacking and getting in close to a target is risky by itself.

The VS Saw can also be kept permanently activated (tested on LP1 and LP2 on the PS3) by keeping the relative button pressed. Subsequent brief button presses are used to attack. This may enable the player to strike multiple times (as opposed to the normal attack, where the saw folds back after each strike and reduces the time the VS is vulnerable after each strike). This feature comes at a price though: the Thermal Energy consumption is quite high. The saw can be deactivated by keeping the button pressed again.

The PTX-40A is a version which is identical in function but is painted white and consumes far less T-Eng.

There is also some evidence that, unlike most other VS models, the PTX series was designed for fighting other VSs. However, it is still excellent for fighting Akrid, as this possible Anti-VS factor makes it all the more powerful.

PTX-140R Codename Hardballer


In Lost Planet 2, an upgraded version of the Hardballer called the PTX-140R has replaced the original PTX-140. The PTX-140R can fly farther than the PTX-140, uses less T-ENG, and carries a rapid-firing light machine gun in its right hand that serves as a backup weapon, making it far more powerful than before. It also shares a similar color scheme and the second pair of "eyes" with the PTX-40A; because of this, some have speculated that its upgrades were based directly off of the PTX-40A.

It's armoured hull is sturdy enough to withstand orbit reentry as seen in LP2.

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