The PTX-40A is the customized prototype VS used by Gale Holden, identical to the PTX-140 in every function. The 40A version is painted white and has a second pair of "eyes" on its body. It's codename could be a reference to Ivan Solotov, Yuri's father an acquaintance of Gale. It has all the abilities of the PTX-140, but it can dash and hover for a longer period of time and uses less T-ENG as well. Bandero uses this VS with additional equipement in the second boss fight in Mission 10. When Wayne's harmonizer has the attachment connected, this VS gets enhanced to its full potential to become the L-P-9999.


  • The PTX-40A makes an appearance in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom as a playable character for the Capcom fighters roster, piloted by a Unnamed NEVEC Pilot.
    • On the PTX-40A's ending the pilot says: "But I know I want to see what the VS my father left me can do!", This indicates that the Pilot is most likely Wayne Holden with a NEVEC costume. It is most likely this case as well, as Capcom usually has to ask Lee Byung-Hun for permission when using Wayne's character due to him having his appearance.


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