The VS Pile Bunker is a melee weapon that drives forward a large metal spike designed to pierce heavy armor. The spike is fired and retracted over a short distance, making it useless beyond very close combat. Excluding the Railway Gun and the Overland Battleship's cannon, the Pile Bunker inflicts more damage than any other weapon in the game. One shot is enough to kill virtually any enemy or severely damage any VS or Akrid, often requiring one to two shots to destroy a VS. Like all VS weapons, reload is slow, and ammo is very scarce. Missing a shot with this weapon can bring bad consequences, as the Bunker's very slow reload time and inhability to move while reloading a VS weapon can give plenty of time for an attacker to kill the user.

This weapon will make no differences between wielding and mounting, except for a special VS:

  • If wielded, it will discharge the weapon with a high-recoil animation.
  • If mounted on a VS, only needs to stay closer to an enemy and then discharge the spike over them.
  • If attached to the GAH-42BS, the user lunges forward while attacking, greatly improving its range.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Pile Bunker makes a distinct reference to the physical blades in the Front Mission series, as both weapons are large drill-like mechanisms.
  • Unlike other weapons, the metal spike doesn't fired like other weapons, meaning that its ammunition is somewhat like gas-pressured canisters.
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