The Plasma Grenade emits a flashing purple light before detonating. It has a large blast radius, can paralyze humans, and VS's, suggesting it may be electromagnetic as well, and smaller Akrids, but inflicts small damage. When it hits something, it emits the sound of a glass bottle. The fuse time is about 1 second after it leaves your hand.


Plasma Grenade

No change in LP2.

Color - Purple

Plasma Grenade II

The Plasma Grenade II serves the same purpose as the standard Plasma Grenade but offers a larger blast radius. The fuse time is about 2.5 seconds after it leaves your hand. This grenade is thrown using the normal over-arm throw animation, meaning it takes slightly longer to throw than the normal Plasma Grenade.

Color - Darker Purple

Plasma Grenade III

The Plasma Grenade III serves the same purpose as the standard Plasma Grenade but offers the largest blast radius, while taking a slightly longer time to detonate. It cannot be detonated by shooting.

Color - Blue


  • Shoot paralyzed human targets when they are disabled to kill them quickly, earning a GJ award in the process.


  • In 2-1 of Lost Planet 2, Task Force First Descent uses a Plasma Grenade to terminate a swarm of swimming Akrid.

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