A flying Raibee

Raibees are large, wasp-like Akrid capable of both melee and distance attacks. They hover approximately six meters above the ground using their wings, and are adept at flitting quickly from one spot to another, making them difficult to hit. Their melee attacks can vary in the damage they deliver depending on how hard the player is hit and where; their distance attacks can also deliver a substantial amount of damage. They have two weak spots--one on their head, and another, much larger one on their abdomen, the latter being the most vulnerable. Their melee attacks consist of charging their stingers with electrical energy and then ramming them into enemies; their distance attacks consist of "pooping" on their enemies using high-velocity explosives launched from their rear ends. If one of their sets of wings is destroyed, Raibees will go down and will cease to be a threat.

In LP2 a Raibee appears in the hidden section of Episode 1-2 and more spawn in several parts of Episode 6-4.


  • Despite the fact that they are not very big (about half the size of a Dongo), they can take massive amounts of punishment: on Normal, it can take a full Gatling Gun magazine to bring them down.
  • They also look like Vespoid or mostly like Queen Vespoid, from Monster Hunter Series (also released by Capcom).
  • There are three helpful strategies for dealing with Raibees: The first is to maneuver them close to a wall and then coax them into charging their stingers in an attempt to stab you. This will get them stuck in the wall for a few seconds, leaving them at your mercy. The second and safest is to attack them from a distance, using the standard projectile or direct energy weapons to take them down. The last and most difficult is to shoot off one their wings, which will ground them and render them completely helpless. Also, repeated damage to their large abdomenal T-ENG reserves will kill them.
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