The Raibeon is an Akrid resembling a giant Raibee. Though very large, it can fly extremely fast. The Raibeon has a number of ballistic attacks, including firing superheated projectiles from its abdomen, launching large bombs, and spawning juvenile Raibee that dive-bomb targets. The prongs on its abdomen also can be used to impale prey. The vibration from its wings creates strong winds, just like the Windega.


  • When you confront the Raibeon try to find a VS and use the VS Rocket Launcher on the hill to shoot it while it fires the explosive akrids.
  • The same strategy can be applied on foot with a regular Rocket Launcher.
  • It is also possible to kill the boss with 2 VS Laser Rifles. But in order to use them you must charge them and aim at the boss. (Confirmed on Easy and Normal)

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