Rick is a skilled technician as well as a hacker. He usually helps Wayne by servicing VS's, including repairing Gale's VS. He is good with PDA's (Personal Data Assistant). For example, the PDA they found with Joe, Rick was the one who hacked in to it. After Wayne defeated the Akrid Green Eye, Rick was attacked by NEVEC troopers, but Basil ended up saving his life. Working with Basil, Rick was separated from Luka and Wayne for a year, but was overjoyed when he found out Luka and Wayne were still alive. He continued to assist in various ways, chiefly by saving Wayne and Joe's lives with an anti-VS rifle. Rick works with Luka in continuing Yuri Solotov's work in warming the planet to make it habitable for humans.


  • He calls Luka "Sis", meaning that he is possibly Luka's younger brother.
  • Rick's name is possibly a reference to a character in one of Capcom's previous games, Dino Crisis.

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