The Rifle appears to be a semiautomatic designated-marksman rifle that fires high-velocity 7.62mm rounds. It is primarily used as a sniper rifle by infantry, and is equipped with an optical zoom to help snipers make accurate, long-distance shots.


The default variation of the Rifle functions as a medium to long-range marksman rifle, with the ability to dispatch human targets with a single headshot. The Rifle can also be used against VS and Akrids, but only inflict small damage.

The Gold Rifle is essentially a gold-plated version of the default rifle, possessing identical characteristics aside from its appearance.


  • In Lost Planet, one headshot is enough to kill a human, otherwise 2 shots are necessary.
  • Players who are killed by this weapon can sometimes locate the enemy sniper and warn their teammates of his location, because of the white trail left by the shot.


Gold Rifle

Gold Rifle

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