The Saizarod is a massive, tentacled worm-like Akrid, that appears during Mission 10. Its thick skin is able to withstand the temperatures of magma, making it able to live and travel in molten rock. The Saizarod's head is split by a massive, vertical mouth lined with mandibles and many rows of teeth. It has two tentacle-like "feelers", which end in sharp hooks and can regenerate. In the event one of these feelers is destroyed, the appendage retracts back into the Saizarod's body and will heal itself. They will quickly grow back, however. It also has a large tongue-like thermal energy core in its mouth, from which it can shoot large blobs of lava. Once you destroy the feelers you can go down the passages that they came from and destroy the orange lump the feeler came from. If this works it will rise. Once you do this enough times it will use a lump from its mouth to attack you. This is its weak point.


The most easy way to defeat it is to destroy its feelers with heavy VS or regular weapons. Suggested types of weapons: VS Rocket Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Machine Gun, any other heavy weapons.

Once you destroy its feelers, it will start to fire its blobs of lava. When it does so, you should use a Rocket Launcher at its large tongue-like thermal energy core. It will then leave it out for about 10 secs or so. You should keep firing at it. After 10 Secs it will then close its mouth. Repeat this process until its heath reaches zero. Then you can proceed onto the next area.

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