CU pirate

A Crimson Unity snow pirate

Mountain Pirate

A Mountain Pirate or "Firefighter"

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During the retreat from the Akrid after the first colonization of E.D.N. III, only a few privileged people as well as the NEVEC forces were able to make it off-world. Those who were left behind faced the daunting task of surviving on a frozen Akrid-infested wasteland, without the VS technology that would be developed later on. Having no choice, these people banded together for support and protection and became known as Snow Pirates.

Snow pirate groups seem to have been able to acquire VS technology after the second colonization attempt. Though the methods are never explained, the acquisition was most likely done through theft. Snow pirates can be seen piloting GTT-01's, GTF-11's, GTF-13M's and occasionally GTB-22's. Their foot soldiers mostly wield Machine Guns, Rifles or Rocket Launchers. Newer NEVEC models of VS seem to have been kept out of Snow Pirate hands as they seem to be far more advanced, also it seems that energy weapons like Plasma Guns are rare in the snow pirate's arsenal.

Each Snow Pirate band is unique in size, organization and motivation. Crimson Unity seems to have over a hundred members, a large fortress and many able VS pilots. The pirate band Wayne joins has only 3 members and no VS pilots, although most of the others had previously been eliminated by Crimson Unity. Some pirate bands are motivated by greed. Others are kept together by the need to survive. Yuri's pirates are dedicated to eradicating the Akrid hive by hive.

In Lost Planet 2, it is revealed that many of them were in military organizations and guerrilla bands that fought against NEVEC; others were originally from NEVEC, but defected later on[1].

The term "Snow Pirate" is no longer appropriate due to the climate change with the apparition of "Jungle Pirates" or even "Sandraiders"[2].


  1. A NEVEC trooper drops his headgear and heads towards a snow storm.

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