Target Mark

Example of a Target Mark

Target Marks are coins with a capital letter scattered around during the missions. Once they are all collected on a Mission, they form a word. It is up to the player to get them or not by shooting them with the weapons. They serve no purpose apart from unlocking the achievement "Master Pioneer" (50). They have to be collected on in every difficulty and their location depends on it.

In extreme mode, they can be impossible to reach on foot and it is recommended to grab them by one on each playthrough on non-linear stages.

Mission 01 EARTH
Mission 02 STORM
Mission 03 MIRAGE
Mission 04 METEOR
Mission 05 AURORA
Mission 06 THUNDER
Mission 07 TORNADO
Mission 08 VOLCANO
Mission 09 RAINBOW
Mission 10 BLIZZARD
Mission 11 STARDUST