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PTX-140 fighting Tencale


Massive in size, the Tencale has four long, spider-like legs, a large spined abdomen, and a small head with long antennae. This Akrid has many adaptations that allow it to defend itself, most notable of which is a long, serrated tentacle-like appendage which can extend from the middle of its thorax. In addition to this, the Tencale can produce webbing, much like a spider, which it uses to ensare its prey. It is also capable of releasing large numbers of Bolsepia from reproductive openings in its abdomen. The Tencale can also use its whiplike antennae as effective weapons. In the event that one of its legs is severed, the Tencale can regenerate them in a fairly short amount of time. There are nine T-ENG deposits on the creature's body: one on each knee joint, four on its underside where the Bolsepia spawn, and a large deposit on its head that serves as its main weakness.

PTX fighting Akrid VS

"Tencale 8"

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The Baiztencale, a much larger relative of the Tencale

In Lost Planet 2, the Tencale have been modified into Akrid-VS hybrids by NEVEC and "piloted" by the Bug Ranchers, resulting in the Tencale 8 vehicle. It possesses most of the Tencale's normal abilities, but can also use the various VS weapons that have been grafted to it and carries up to 8 riders (including the "pilot").

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