The Tencale 8 is the most massive of the Akrid-VS hybrids. It is similar to a Tencale in the first game but smaller, but differs in that NEVEC has taken control of it, grafting a VS chassis and multiple weapons on its back. Like the normal Tencale, it has weak points on its head and legs, although these are protected by armor that must be destroyed first. The individual seats on the Tencale 8 can be destroyed independently as well, lowering its overall offensive power, but has more melee damage than any other VS/VS hybrid Akrid even more than the GAN-34W's drills.

Two Tencale 8s appear in the campaign as bosses in Episode 4-3, but with only half the armaments of their multiplayer counterpart.


The Tencale 8 appears as a pilotable VS on the map Thunderpeal Precipice. It will spawn at the base near the waterfall and only appears when the Layout Setting is set to Type 3 and the VS density is set to Default or Many.

It can seat up to 8 players, constituting an entire team. The leg armor plates can still be broken off, doing more damage to the VS. Due to its massive size and unorthodox handling, it can prove awkward to pilot and is virtually defenseless if there are no gunners available, but with enough handling it can still prove useful enough to destroy a VS or two.

Gunners don't have a zoom, but instead enters first-person view.

  • 1 Driver - Can access Jump, Melee Attack and shoot Web Bullets
  • 2 Ventral Gunners - Equipped with 1 VS Flamethrower
  • 1 Rear Gunner - Equipped with 2 Missile Launchers
  • 2 Forward Gunners - Equipped with VS Cannons and Laser Vulcans
  • 2 Side Gunners - Equipped with EM Lasers and Homing Lasers

In campaign mode there are also searchlights attached to help the enemy Als find and kill you. They also seem to help direct the lasers from the homing laser to their target.

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