The Gatling Gun is the most common VS weapon in the Lost Planet series, both in campaign and multiplayer modes. The Gatling Gun is effective against human and Akrid targets at close to mid ranges, particularly when two are used simultaneously. The weapon's effectiveness lies in its sheer rate of fire, increasing the chance of consecutive hits and making it useful against large numbers of smaller Akrid.

The Gatling Gun is moderately effective against armored targets, but it quickly loses its effectiveness over long distances and typically cannot inflict enough damage to be effective in VS-on-VS engagements alone.


  • The barrel of the weapon will rotate slightly during reloading.
  • The weapon's drum magazine will shift positions when mounted on a VS.
  • The Gatling Gun has an unrealistically slow rate of fire compared to real life counterparts, probably due to balancing.
  • The Gatling Gun ammo runs down slower than other weapons.
  • If the player taps the button only once, consumes 1 of ammunition, but the weapon fires 3 rounds. This means 3x40=120 rounds fully loaded.


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