This cylindrical VS weapon is able to fire four explosive rockets simultaneously in a barrage. The projectiles fire forward in a square-pattern, and fall to the ground once they reach the peak of their flight. Although somewhat difficult to aim, the VS Rocket Pod excels at destroying large targets such as Category-G Akrid and the Vital Fortress. The rockets do not travel far before beginning to fall however, limiting it to mid-range indirect fire support applications. Although it fires 4 rockets, its even weaker than an infrantry rocket launcher. Due to this, is not very recommended to shot straight-line at the ground when wielded, or the lower rockets likely explodes near the wielder. Mounting on a VS is a good choice, and increases its effectiveness on a VS that can look from the air (one that can jump or fly).

When reloading, more plates opens to emit a smoke-like cooldown, as well as a reloading sequence.

Rocket Pod1

A Rocket Pod mounted on a PTX-140