The VS Shotgun is one of the most powerful close-range weapons next to the VS Saw. Close-range blasts from this weapon are capable of stumbling and severely damaging a VS, and outright killing a human target on foot. Despite its close-combat effectiveness, the power of this weapon quickly dimishes with range, making it unsuitable for use outside of close combat.


  • The magazine of the VS Shotgun will alter its position depending on its ammunition.
  • A small grip can be seen at the loading tube, being a manual loading system, if hand-held (likely in a manner similar to a pump-action shotgun). However, ZVATTO does not use this handle when he uses the VS Shotgun to detach the train car, and instead seems to be firing it like a semi-automatic weapon. It is likely that it works similarly to the Franchi SPAS-12 in that it has a selective firing mechanism that allows the user to switch between pump-action and semi-automatic modes.


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