Vital fortress
The VF (short for Vital Fortress) is NEVEC's experimental weapon, designed to guard the Helix launch facility located under the polar sea. Armed with hundreds of torpedoes and aquatic mines, the VF is capable of quickly eliminating opponents of any size or strength with vicious speeds. Despite its massive size, the VF can initiate many of its emergency protocols in a duel syntax: one such example is an over-kill mix of torpedoes/mines and thrusters enabling it to quickly evade enemy attacks and remain unharmed whilst attacking.

On top of this, it is heavily armored and can fire multiple homing torpedoes and drop mines to eliminate nearby threats. When fighting it, it is a good idea to stay above it, using heavy weapons to hit its main weak spots: the stabilizers on its side; the front sensors; and the back plating covering its nuclear power core. In addition, it is possible to shoot its torpedoes down, minimizing the danger they present as well as getting some T-ENG and GJ awards. Its Interdiction Torpedoes have the potential to paralyze players on the ground; if a player is paralyzed, they can either wait until it wears off or get a teammate to free them. A GAN-3AM is available in the lower levels of the area; using it can quickly turn the tables on the VF, as it possesses very little rear-facing weaponry, leaving its vulnerable rear plating exposed to attack.

It is destroyed by the Ex-NEVEC at the end of Episode 4.

Vital Suits
Playable (LP 1)
GTT-01 - GTF-11 - GTB-22 - GTF-13M - GTF-13F - GTN-A01 - PTX-140 - PTX-40A - L-P-9999 - GAB-25M - GAN-34 - GAN-37
Playable (LP 2)
Battle Armor - GAH-42BS - GAN-3AM - GAH-41BSL - GAN-36 - GAF-14 - GAF-15D - GAN-34W - PTX-140R - GTN-A01N - Dongo Gear - Battle Neegal - Tencale 8 - Railway Gun - Turret Gun - Overland Battleship
GAN-A04SD - GTN-A03M/C - GAB-25DM - PTX-40A-2 - DBS-000XM - Vital Fortress