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Initializing. Ready.

—VS AI (LP2)

A squad of various vital suit models

The Vital Suit or VS, is a machine built to combat the Akrid of E.D.N. III. Although many varieties of VS exist, most are bipedal and usually about two to three times the height of a person.


All Vital Suits are powered by Thermal Energy and leave behind a puddle of it when they are destroyed. Piloting a VS uses T-Eng at a constant rate, but using VS features like jumping or hovering reduces it more quickly. If the pilot has less than 100 T-Eng units, the VS will shut down.

Vital Suits battling a giant Akrid

A Vital Suit's operating condition is separate from the pilot's own health. If a VS is severely damaged, the pilot will have a very brief time to eject before the VS explodes. If the pilot fails to eject or escape the radius of the explosion they will most likely be killed.


It appears than the VS's precursors were the Utility Rigs used by NeoVenus Construction, originally civilian construction vehicles. The first true VS was Caleb Isenberg's. Originally exclusively owned by NEVEC, in Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, all factions on EDN III owned and used them: NEVEC, Crimson Unity and the Snow Pirates.

In Lost Planet 2, almost all VSs have special functions, and are therefore more complex to pilot as well as exploiting their abilities. VS manuals are available once the player has ridden them once and can be read during gameplay or in the Option section of the Main Menu.

VS Weapons[]

A VS can mount a number of different weapons to its chassis. Most VS's mount a maximum of two; one on each shoulder.

Many VS weapons can be found on the ground and a VS can swap one of its current weapons with any it finds. VS weapons (with the exception of a few that are permanently installed) can also be removed and used by hand, although this hinders the user as VS weapons are heavy and the user must halt to a stop to use them whereas a VS can fire and reload while moving. The user is also incapable of Jump-Shooting VS Weaponry.

Vital suits and snow pirates on the prowl

The following weapons can be found and mounted on Vital Suits in the game.

Wielding Weapons
Image Name Description
Gatling gun.jpg VS Gatling Gun All-around/Anti-infantry weapon.
VS Shotgun.jpg VS Shotgun Close-quarter weapon.
VS Rocket Launcher.jpg VS Rocket Launcher Long-range anti-vehicle weapon.
Grenade Launcher.jpg VS Grenade Launcher Mid-range explosive weapon.
Laser Rifle.jpg Laser Rifle Long-range energy weapon.
EM Laser.jpg E.M. Laser Long-range EMP weapon.
Homing Laser.jpg Homing Laser Long-range homing energy weapon.
Rocket Pod.jpg VS Rocket Pod Mid-range explosive weapon.
Pile Driver.jpg Pile Bunker Close-quarter melee weapon.
Laser Lance.jpg Laser Lance Close range energy weapon.
VS Rifle.jpg VS Rifle Scoped long-range weapon.
Fixed Weapons (Comes pre-installed and cannot be removed)
Image Name Description
Missile Launcher.jpg Missile Launcher Long-range explosive weapon.
Cannon.jpg Cannon Long-range explosive.
Laser Vulcan.jpg Laser Vulcan All-around/anti-infantry energy weapon.
VS Flamethrower Close-range weapon.
VS-owned Weapons
Image Name Notes
Autocannon Permanently on the GTT-01 and GTF-11 as a secondary weapon.
Autocannon weapon and Auto-shotgun auxiliary weapon mounted on the GAF-15D and the integrated turrets. The first one posseses autocannon and shotgun mode. However, the autocannon is called a Vulcan in the VS manual. This is most probably a mistake.
VS Saw Permanently installed on the PTX-140/PTX-140R and PTX-40A
Turret Gun Permanently installed in the train that carries the Railway Gun
Drill Permanently installed on the GAB-25M
Light Machine Gun Permanently installed on the PTX-140R as a secondary weapon. Technically "wielded" in its right hand.
Chaingun (or Vulcan) Permanently installed on the GAN-36 and usable by the pilot
EMF Blades Permanently installed on the L-P-9999
Integral Dual Blades Permanently installed on the GAN-3AM, only usable in VS form.
Homing Torpedoes or more correctly Guided Missile(s) (according to the VS manual) Permanently installed on the GAN-3AM, only usable in Slider form.
Dual Shoulder Multi-Warhead Missile Takes up both weapon mounts. Only activated via right fire button.
Gravity Gun Takes up both weapon mounts. One use, because the VS will be abducted.
Big Destruction Missile Takes up right weapon mount. One use.
Automatic Gun Battery Weapon Takes up both weapon mount and are permanently mounted on most ground turrets.

However, there have been cases of Vital Suits being mounted with more than 2 weapons (including Auxiliary Weapons, melee abilities, etc.). These include but are not limited to:

VS Models[]

There are several different models of Vital Suits that can be used.

GTT-01 Nida

GTT-01 Nida

The GTT-01 was the first developed vital suit and served as the blue print for many of the later models. It can be equipped with two weapons, but lacks any sort of booster and the pilot is open to attacks. However, it has the ability to repair itself and can activate Data Posts remotely. Two autocannons serve as backup weapons if it runs out of ammo. In addition, two soldiers can grab onto its sides to support it if it runs into trouble. It was first used for colonising, but had to be quickly converted to give it a chance to fight off the Akrid.
GTF-11 Drio/GAN-34 Granseed

GTF-11 Drio

GAN-34 Granseed

The GTF-11 is a significant improvement upon its predecessor- a thick sheet of armor protects the pilot from immediate damage and a booster system was installed to increase the VS' ability to traverse the snowy plains, granting it the ability to dash and hover while also preserving the GTT-01's special abilities. The GAN-34 is the NEVEC version; although it lacks most of the GTF-11's special abilities and has lighter armor, it can become invisible and is able to fuse with a GAB-25M to form the devastating GAN-34W.
GTF-13M Evax /GTF-13F Vensa

GTF-13M Evax

GTF-13F Vensa

The GTF-13M is a unique VS, not because it is extraordinarily powerful or fast but because it has the ability to transform into a snowbike. While the bipedal mode can be quite cumbersome, the bike mode is incredibly agile and quick, and is often used in hit-and-run tactics. The GTF-13F is identical except for its inability to transform and should only be used if there are no better alternatives.
GTB-22 Faze/GAN-37 X-seed

GTB-22 Faze

GAN-37 X-seed in VS form

A highly mobile vital suit, the GTB-22 is capable of getting to locations other models cannot. It can deploy it's jets mid jump to hover, or it can double jump. In addition to a double jump, the VS has a secondary "Super Jump" ability that maximizes its leaping ability at the cost of Thermal Energy; during this "Super Jump", it can activate reverse thrusters to crash down at high speed, crushing anyone underneath it. It also possesses a smokescreen that hampers enemy vision as well as a radar that acts like a Data Post. The GAN-37 is the NEVEC version; although it lacks the radar function and has lighter armor, the GAN-37 makes up for it with a cloaking device that can make it invisible and the ability to transform into an aircraft form for greater maneuverability.
GAB-25M Cakti

GAB-25M Cakti

Unlike most other Vital Suits, the GAB-25M is not bipedal. It has four heavy legs that enable it to walk around, albeit at a slow pace. It also lacks the ability to switch weapons. However it more than makes up for it's weaknesses by its ability to transform in to a rapidly moving all-terrain tank capable of drilling through solid rock and ice. It's durable in battle, having effective weaponry and durable armor. It can also fuse with a GAN-34 to form the special GAN-34W VS. The GAB-25DM is a larger version faced in Mission 08 as a boss.
PTX-140 Hardballer

PTX-140 Hardballer

As one of the most advanced vital suits employed on EDN III, the PTX-140 is a powerful, highly agile machine. It was designed to destroy other vital suits and is equipped with a VS saw in order to do so. It has a sister VS, the PTX-40A. The difference between the PTX-40A and PTX-140 is that the PTX-40A is coloured in a White-Scheme, It's booster is longer and better and that it's Thermal Energy drainage is lower. There is also only one PTX-40A available due to the fact that it's Gale's VS and subsequently, passed to his son, Wayne.

In Lost Planet 2, the improved version of the Hardballer (now called the PTX-140R) has heavier armor, ski-like feet, improved thrusters, and a chaingun held in its right hand.

GTN-A01 Turntable

GTN-A01 Turntable

It works like any other VS, but it cannot move, limiting it to a defensive role.

A new, but similar model for Lost Planet 2 is the GTN-A01N, which is more lightly armored, and is much more common than the Turntable.

GTN-A03M/C Zebet


GTN-A03C (Zebet sensor)

Automated turret systems first sent by N.E.V.E.C to secure unguarded areas of their territory, but later adopted by some factions of Snow Pirates. The GTN-A03C sensor scans an area for threats and relays them to a networked set of GTN-A03M turrets. Although the turrets are surprisingly durable, destroying the sensor will force all turrets networked to it to self-destruct.
GAN-A04SD Cyclops

GTN-A04SD Cyclops

These unmanned VSs are expendable drones

sent by NEVEC to secure key areas of their territory and are also used by the Carpetbaggers. The Cyclops uses a laser rifle mounted underneath its core to attack. Normally, its core is covered by a pair of indestructible shutters, rendering it invulnerable from the front; however, it must open the shutters to fire, exposing its core to attack. Apart from the shutters, it is poorly armored and can be destroyed with any weapon. There are some variations of the Cyclops that are armed with rockets instead of lasers as well as one that lacks the protective shutters.

Akrid-VS hybrids
Dongo Gear Battle Neegal Tencale 8

Dongo Gear

Battle Neegal

Tencale 8

This new kind of VS is an experimental type recently created by NEVEC. The soldiers who ride these Vital Suits are dressed like Akrid, suggesting that the only way to successfully ride them is to deceive their eyes. Is a Dongo-VS hybrid, which is versatile. This new kind of VS is an experimental type recently created by NEVEC. The soldiers who ride these Vital Suits are dressed like Akrid, suggesting that the only way to successfully ride them is to deceive their eyes. Is a Neegal-VS hybrid that is versatile. This new kind of VS is an experimental type recently created by NEVEC. The soldiers who ride these Vital Suits are dressed like Akrid, suggesting that the only way to successfully ride them is to deceive their eyes. Is a Tencale-VS hybrid, which comes with multiple turrets.
GAN-3AM Triseed

GAN-3AM Triseed

An entirely new type of VS which also has the same transformation abilities as the GTF-13M. It has three forms- the basic VS, the "Warbird" (a light fighter craft), and the "Slider" (a submarine-like vehicle). By default, it functions like most other Vital Suits, but it can also use the blades built into its arms to perform powerful melee combos. As the Warbird, it can fly and use its weapons normally. As the Slider, it loses access to VS weapons, but gains superior mobility and an infinite supply of homing torpedoes. In addition to its transforming ability, the Triseed possesses stealth technology that renders it invisible to radar.
GAH-42BS Bleed/GAH-41BSL Baylid

GAH-42BS Bleed

GAH-41BSL Baylid

A VS designed for fighting at close quarters, the Bleed can perform punching attacks and throw the grenades of its pilot. In emergencies, it can self-destruct to take down nearby enemies with it as it explodes. An earlier and more lightly armored version of the GAH-42BS. This version seems to be made only to be focused on weaponry usage and lacks the ability to throw grenades or punch enemies. Its compact size allows it to fit into areas most Vital Suits would be unable to access.
GAN-36 Osprey

GAN-36 Osprey

This VS is currently the only one that can fly with no limits, aside from the Triseed. However, it has very poor armor and the pilot is unable to eject from the craft if it is destroyed in midair. It has two pilots; the first has access to a chaingun with infinite ammo and drives the VS, while the second pilot uses the two other guns mounted to the base.Some of these have been modified to act as troop transports and can hold multiple soldiers or able to carry VSs with attachment.
GAF-14 Fastrey

GAF-14 Fastrey

The Fastrey is a light transport VS utilized mainly by the Vagabundos, and designed for sheer speed over armor and offensive ability. It has no weapons, but can hover and fly at high speed. The pilot of a Fastrey can use his/her own weapons and grenades while piloting and can shift into High Speed Mode for maximum mobility. However, it is so lightly armored that a few magazines' worth of Machine Gun fire will destroy it.
GAF-15D Drion

GAF-15D Drion

A modified Drio, the Drion has room for a pilot and two gunners. The pilot has access to a shotgun and an Auxiliary Weapon, but each of the gunners has access to a VS weapon and an Auxiliary Weapon. Its hardened systems render it immune to the effects of fire-based damage over time, the knockback effects of explosives, and the paralysis effect of Plasma Grenades. Due to the health in each unit, it can lose its turrets and can still active.
GAN-34WA / GAB-25MWB Brocakti

GAN-34W Brocakti

This gigantic VS is formed when a GAN-34 Granseed merges with a GAB-25M Cakti. It has armor unmatched by any other VS and possesses a wide variety of weapons, such as an EM pulse laser, twin missile launchers formed from the Cakti's drills, and a devastating laser fired from the Brocakti's "base". It can also ram into foes directly to do a large amount of damage. The Brocakti is immune to most attacks- only its treads and backside register damage from anything weaker than a VS weapon. Also to merge GAN-34 and the GAB -25M Cakti you need somebody in each VS.

VS Specials[]

Most Vital Suits have a modular weapon system (as stated in the section "VS Weapons"), but some models, like the GAB-25M, have fixed weapons that cannot be removed or swapped, and others have less weapon mounts than other types. However, certain VS models have "special abilities" and sometimes even special attacks. These range from boosters to saws (As seen on the PTX-140 andPTX-40A) to jump jets, drills, smoke screens, and even the ability to transform.

Utilizing these special abilities correctly will turn the tides of a battle should the need arise.

VS weaknesses[]

Players can destroy a VS with almost any weapon, given time and strategy. All Vital Suits, with the exception of GAN-A04SD, GTN-A03M/C, GAB-25M and GTN-A01, have a weak point on the knee joint. (The GAB-25M has a small knob on the bottom of its body that acts as a similar weak spot.) When facing a VS, it is smart to have a rifle with you when facing it, in case you don't have a VS. If you have either, a Plasma Gun or Rocket Launcher will be enough. With a Rifle, it is possible to shoot the pilot out of the VS, but only if the cockpit is exposed (this is only possible in the original Lost Planet). The T-ENG tank on the back of the VS will receive heavy damage when shot, so it is a good idea to get behind a VS before attacking it.

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